1. What is the criteria to register my company in this website?

You can register your company if your company is located in Tamil nadu

2. My company is located in Tamil Nadu, but I am trading foreign goods or my manufactured products are from ingredients or sub components of foreign made goods. Can I

Sorry, this website aims to promote only genuine Indian goods. You cannot register in our database. We will do audit on genuine Indian goods before we release it into the

3. Do I need to pay anything to register my products/company/retailer information in your website?

No this is a free service. This project is started for a social cause.

4. My company is located in a state other than Tamil Nadu. Can I register my company here?

Yes you can, but your company will not be displayed to the public, but you may get the opportunity to tie up with any of the organizations to expand your business

5. I am a retailer or distributor in a state other than Tamil Nadu. Can I register in your website?

Yes, you can. We need your support to expand the sales of Tamil Nadu made products

6. I am small scale producer in Tamil Nadu. What support will I get?

We support you in all possible means to grow your business. We use best supply chain and marketing strategies to expand your business and to promote your brand

7. I am a small retailer in a corner of a street? What is the benefit I get in being a part of this website?

You’re the window for our Tamil Nadu local producers and agriculture goods. We use our supply chain network to get you the best price for Tamil Nadu made products and we

8. I am a distributor located in Tamil Nadu. What support, will I get?

You will have the opportunity to explore new products and producers of Tamil Nadu and help manufacturers, farmers and cattle rearers to reach the market

9. As an individual what benefit will I get?

As an individual you can help small retailers or manufacturers or distributors to register their details in our network with social cause and you can gain points in your

10. I am a retailer/Distributor of Indian products but registered/located overseas. Am I eligible to register in "TamilBrands" web platform?

Yes , you can. But your information would not be displayed to the public. However, you would get opportunity to buy products from Tamil Nadu producers directly.